Kenneth Scott Trust Total Grants Pass               $20 Million Mark 

The Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust granted a total of $800,565 to nonprofit humane organizations in Ohio, other states in the Great Lakes region, and for projects of National scope during 2017.  Details on awards can be found on our "Recent Grants" page.  Since its inception in 1996, the Foundation has made $20,450,407 in  animal protection grants to nonprofit organizations.




Grant Guidelines


Mission of the Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust

The Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust is a private foundation focused on preventing cruelty to animals and promoting the humane treatment of animals, particularly companion animals such as dogs and cats, and other species of animals commonly kept as household pets.  The Foundation also supports efforts to protect the well-being of urban-suburban wildlife, captive exotic wildlife, farmed animals, working animals, and non-human animals generally.  It extends in perpetuity the generosity toward animals in need shown by Kenneth Allen Scott during his lifetime, and assists those who care for them today.

The Foundation considers proposals from eligible humane organizations (as described below) based in the USA for projects designed to enhance the well-being of animals in Ohio, elsewhere in the Great Lakes region, or that are National in scope.  It will not consider requests from localized groups in other parts of the country, or for activities taking place outside the USA.   To be eligible, 100% of an organization's governing board members must have made a monetary contribution to it during the past year.  Organizations that cannot meet this standard should not apply.

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Update for Grant Applicants

Proposals from Ohio humane organizations for spay/neuter and other veterinary care for animals were received in December and will be acted upon during the First Quarter of 2018.   In consideration of proposals during the New Year, priority will generally be given to organizations with which we have already had a granting relationship, especially to requests for renewal support for ongoing projects.

Our schedule for quarterly grant proposal submissions has changed.  In 2018, deadlines will be:  June 15 or December 15 for Ohio proposals, and March15 or September 15 for Great Lakes region or National proposals.  As before, please send us a one-page letter of inquiry (LOI) outlining your project and its cost prior to sending your proposal.