Application Process & Grantee Reporting



We ask that grant applicants contact us well in advance of any deadline, and initially by a one page letter of inquiry (LOI), which may be emailed.  Outline the proposed project and its approximate cost, noting the amount to be requested from the Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust.  


The Foundation has two deadlines each year for proposals from each geographic region where we make grants.  You may apply for one round or the other, and request funding for only one project in your proposal.  Proposals for adoption or behavior training, continuing education & training, or humane & wildlife education should be sent for the May or August meetings.   Proposals for humane animal population control, other medical care, and general equipment or facilities improvements should be sent for the February or November meetings.  Ask us regarding the proper timing for other types of projects.




Complete proposals should be sent by regular U.S. mail and consist of one copy of the following:


  1. Transmittal letter with authorized signature and contact information for the head of staff or governing board.
  2. A concise proposal narrative stating the qualifications of the organization and the principal project staff or volunteers, a description of the project concept, goals and the steps involved in its implementation, eligibility criteria and numbers of beneficiaries, the roles of other organizations involved, a timeline for completion of the project, and the means by which you will evaluate its results.   (For content of Spay/Neuter or TNR proposals, see the additional instructions below.)
  3. Project Budget showing itemized expenses, all sources of support and revenue, and the time period covered.  Indicate whether these amounts are committed or anticipated.  Explain how you will continue the project beyond the end of our grant.
  4. A completed copy of our "Organization Fact Sheet" (see below), including data on programs and animals cared for during the previous year.
  5. The complete IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status determination letter for your organization.  The award of any grant will be subject to our verification of this status and our customary regulatory review process.
  6. A list of your organization's officers and trustees, the percentage making an annual monetary gift to it, and the total dollar amount of those gifts.  To be eligible, 100% of an organization's governing board members must have made a monetary contribution to it during the past year.  Organizations that cannot meet this standard should not apply.  Please include a copy of your conflict of interest policy if one has been adopted by the board.
  7. Your annual report, and membership brochure, if you publish them.
  8. The organization's current and previous years' budgets, its most recently available IRS Form 990, AND an independent outside Audit (for agencies with incomes of $500,000+) or Review (for agencies with incomes of $250,000-$499,999) of annual financial statements.  Organizations not required to file an IRS Form 990 should send copies of their annual financial statements.
  9. Letters of support or other information that may support the request.   Multi-agency collaboratives should have a letter or memorandum of underestanding from each agency.   In-school education programs must have a letter signed by the superintendent or principal authorizing your visits.

Download "Organization Fact Sheet" (MS Word).

Download "Spay-Neuter & TNR Instructions" (PDF).


We will contact you by phone to discuss your proposal.  Circumstances warranting, we may arrange a site visit.   We may also consult with other parties concerning your project.  All materials become the property of the Foundation and cannot be returned.




Grantmaking decisions are the responsibility of KeyBank's Discretionary Charitable Trust Committee, which meets four times a year to consider applications.   Deadlines for receipt of full proposals are as follows:                                    


   December 15    Ohio Proposals    February 
   March 15  National & Great Lakes Proposals   May 
   June 15 Ohio Proposals      August 
   September 15      National & Great Lakes Proposals  November 


Proposals received after these dates will be held until the next grant cycle for that geographic region.   We will announce grant awards shortly after each quarterly meeting.     




Successful grant recipients will receive a letter with the terms and conditions of our grant, which they should countersign and return to the Foundation.  Shortly after the conclusion of the grant period (or earlier, if all monies have been expended), grantees are expected to provide the Foundation with a brief (1-2 pp.) written narrative report on the activities supported by the grant, their impact on the welfare of animals in the community, and the prospects for carrying on this work using other resources.  Metrics on project performance should be included where appropriate, and photographs are appreciated.  A separate one-page accounting of the use(s) of our grant funds must also be provided.




Please address query letters, proposals or other inquiries, and grantee reports to:


The Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust


c/o Key Private Bank 


100 Public Square, Suite 600


Cleveland, OH  44113


Attention: H. Richard Obermanns, PhD, Executive Director


Tel: 216-752-3301