2023 Support for Humane Projects

During 2023 the Trust distributed more than $840,000 in grants to nonprofit humane organizations, mainly in Ohio and other states in the Great Lakes region.  Details on awards can be found on our Recent Grants page.  Since its inception, the Trust has provided more than $25 million in grants to humane organizations.



Grant Guidelines and Application Process





Information for Grant Applicants 


The Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Trust is revising its application process and guidelines.


Letters of Inquiry are  currently not  accepted.


Please return to this page on March 1, 2024 for information

on submitting a request for the Scott Trust’s summer and fall grant cycles. 



2024 Application Schedule:

      January 15, 2024 deadline for consideration in spring 2024

      May 15, 2024 deadline for consideration in summer 2024

      August 15, 2024 deadline for consideration in fall 2024



Applications from humane organizations based in the USA for projects designed to enhance the well-being of animals in Ohio and elsewhere in the Great Lakes region will be considered.

Humane organizations with innovative, cost-effective projects that demonstrate a commitment to improving the well-being of animals, especially those in under resourced areas or belonging to disadvantaged social groups should consider applying.

Click the button above to view Grant Guidelines and Application Process.


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